Playdown preview thread

It’s playdown season and this page will serve as the home for mini-previews of the provincial playdowns with competitive fields. Manitoba (Men, Feb 8-12) Manitoba plays a wild 32-team double knockout bracket. I truly would love to code this up for a simulation, but probably won’t be able to before the event begins. Coolbet lists […]


The value of Brad Jacobs

Brad Jacobs never really left curling after announcing his semi-retirement from the sport last spring. He’s been playing mixed doubles with Kerri Einarson, then last month announced he’d be competing in the Northern Ontario provincials, and in the past week has announced he’ll join Team Carruthers to compete in Grand Slam events. I’m most interested […]


GSOC National review

I have a confession: I didn’t watch one shot of the first Slam of the season. OK, I saw a few highlights. But the viewing options outside of Canada are not ideal if one is not planning to be glued to the couch all weekend. However, that doesn’t prevent me from dropping some thoughts after […]


GSOC National preview

North Bay, Ontario is the site for the first slam of the season. It’s where 32 of the best curling teams that care to compete in the first year of an Olympic cycle will gather to bring some early-season order to the curling world. That also means it’s prediction time around here. The first few […]


And we’re back

Something called the Hokkaido Bank Classic took place in Japan last weekend, and that means a new season of curling has begun. I’m not one of those people that wants a long curling offseason. Bring it on, I say. Having a regular summer schedule is probably a bit much, but a couple events in August […]


Evaluating predictions

Last week, Team Mouat stunningly failed to make the playoffs of the Champions Cup. Bruce is still king of the world ratings and really, the team’s 1-4 performance wasn’t Bruce’s fault. Because I’m cheap, I didn’t see any of the event except for the Friday night draw provided free of charge by Sportsnet so I […]


Champions Cup preview

This is not really a preview of the Champions Cup. It’s actually already started as I post this. If you want the Monte Carlo probabilities for the event they are here. The most interesting thing in this event full of lame-duck teams is that #77 Ryan Jacques is in the 12-team field on the men’s […]


Ice, ice maybe

Let’s catch up on curling news. There was a lot of talk about the ice issues at the Men’s World Championships in Las Vegas. And indeed, the ice was bad. Unfortunately, it was worse towards the end of the event and the ice issues were in full display for the gold medal game. Others can […]


Men’s worlds preview

The men’s worlds starts on Saturday in Vegas, and like the women, the field isn’t what it could be. Most notably, top-ranked Team Mouat won’t be in Vegas despite the fact that they wanted to be the Scottish representative. Seventh-ranked Team De Cruz is not here on account of losing to Team Schwaller in the […]


Women’s worlds preview

This is a really quick outline of the women’s worlds which starts in Prince George on Saturday. What with being an Olympic year, the field is a little watered down. The U.S., Scotland, and Japan are not sending their best teams. Theoretically, Canada wouldn’t be sending its best team either, but with Jennifer Jones pulling […]

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